Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jeremy Jolley: Coach Spotlight

Jeremy Jolley is Team Utah's Sundance Head Coach, in addition to being the Assistant Head Coach at Snowbird.

Jeremy started snowboarding in the late ‘80’s, frequenting the tree runs of Park West. Jeremy has 16 years experience helping people snowboard; working seasons in Mammoth, Mt. Hood, New Zealand, Snowbird, and Sundance.  He also has worked as an instructor and trainer for Snowbird and Sundance, as well as coaching camps and conducting staff training all over Utah and Wyoming.  The one unique thing about Jeremy’s riding is he seems at home, and can hang with the best, in any element- big mountain, park, pipe, backcountry, even skiing if he wants to.  His technical knowledge is top shelf and has been published in national publications, including FUTURE snowboard magazine.  He is also one of just a few to hold and advanced freestyle accreditation in addition to his full certification and examiner status from AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors).  Lastly, Jeremy also brings to Team Utah an amazing knowledge and network of the industry, starting as a ski and board Technician and working into sales and marketing, he still works closely with eyewear, hardgoods, and beanie companies. 

In Jeremy’s own words

One of my biggest breakthroughs in snowboarding was my first trip to Alaska.  In as many years of resort and backcountry riding I realized I never learned how to make big, slow turns in powder, so I changed my perspective and did my best. 

Lately, I have been into exploring my “backyard”. Turns, jumps, and tricks are part of the experience, hiking with close friends and finding new a new stash helps to complete it for me.
I have a hard time with the term “snowboard competition”.   I am all about using any and all means to become the best snowboarder you can be, but I see snowboarding as one of few “pure sports”  on earth.  Ski racers with 13 sponsor patches and money-drenched competitions don’t really do it for me.

In addition to coaching I do some sales work in the industry and have the greatest sponsor of all, a wife, 2 little girls and boy, who let me do what I do. 

I am looking forward to starting up the Sundance Team this year! Hopefully, growing the sport locally and opening eyes to potential and a positive way of thinking on and off the slopes.

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