Sunday, October 25, 2009

Coach Spotlight: Thomas Flocco

Thomas Flocco is one of many Team Utah coaches with a background as a professional athlete. He has extensive contest and film history, and now chooses to coach for Team Utah. As a pro for Never Summer Snowboards, Tom finished 2nd at the 1999 US Open Big Air, beating out legends like Mike Basich, as well as wining the 2003 USSA Grand Prix Big Air in Breckenridge, CO. He has been competitive in huge events like the Gravity Games, and has attended Snowboarder Magazine's Superpark event. He has filmed with At Once Productions, and can be seen in their latest film, "Workin' out the Kinks". Tom's past coaching experience includes being a Full Competition coach for the Park City Snowboard team.

Cab 900 mute, Tom Flocco. Kevin Westenbarger Photo

Thomas Flocco


Years riding

Home Mountain:
Park City and The Canyons

Never Summer

coach and student

Board stats
Never Summer Evo R 158
Stance: Regular, 24 in. wide, 21*front 9* rear

Why do I snowboard?
For me, snowboarding takes me to a heightened level mentally and physically. I feel challenged and excited every time I buckle in.

2nd at 1999 US Open Big Air 1st at 2003 Grand Prix Big Air Film parts in "DFS Films", and "At Once Films."

Who do I like to ride with?
Cooper, Sheehan, Hindman, Curtis, Jed, Levine, Jodie, Huntsaker, Thornburg, Jordan, Chase, Shaw, Tasselhoff.

From an outsider's point of view, Tom has one of the best attitudes in snowboarding, and I haven't met too many people with the level of enthusiasm Tom takes to snowboarding.

To ride with team utah:
or call 801-573-7348

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