Thursday, October 8, 2009

Coach Bio: Jacob Levine

Jacob Levine, Team Utah Park City coach, is quite the snowboard superman.
With 17 years riding under his belt, and 9 years of coaching, TUT is excited to welcome Jacob to the staff.
Jacob's industry experience includes being the remarkable "ROVER", serving as a spokesman for heavyweights like Burton, Snickers, and General Motors.
His past coaching experience includes coaching for the Carrabassett Valley Academy, and serving as the Executive Director and Head Coach of the Park City Snowboard Team, as well as heading the Intermountain Snowboard Series. He is also a coach at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, and skates miniramp better than most.
Jacob and his TBA Park City staff are exceptional coaches and riders, and their coaching and industry experience promise to bring the best snowboarding atmosphere to Team Utah athletes.

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  1. Jed,

    Are you aware that you made three copies of the TUT blog? Nicely done! Im intensely interested to hear how this all came together tomorrow! Radical!